What are the Questions that lead to the Research?


“How is it possible to reach and be involved as a citizen in the growth of liveable and lovable city in the next few decades?

“Why and where can I see my future in the city? Is it possible to propose, model  and observe it?

“And why is there no such a model of our future city like other cites have: Rotterdam, New York and London to name some, where the needs regarding the social, economic and ecologic growth are explained to our children, to all the citizens and stakeholders?

“And isn’t it so that our city would be profiting from the image transfer from this future model to the city itself, as a place where innovation grows within society?

” And last but not least: Why is there no future Urban laboratory as an on-line platform, a lab for citizens, also as a physical space for  incubators, inventors and innovators that need to profit to the city?