Main research goals

The research intends to find out:

How can laypersons be motivated to participate in such a process?

How can the city explain that sustainable city planning is an important need, not only nice to have?

How can be explained that the benefit of a city planning lies in health and liveability of the city dwellers ?

How has the know-how transfer from science to citizens be done?

How can the awareness of sustainable and responsible behaviour be fruitful in mutual interaction with experts and stakeholders?

We see pictures:

… of citizens, innovators and experts working in design thinking workshops, sketching ideas, dreaming and modelling buildings in the atmosphere of the future city Urban lab, showing a city models, proposals, ideas where sustainable growth is key and the advantages for all stakeholders can be seen in a visual and haptic way.

… of companies having sessions in this future city Urban lab, in which they want to use this creative drive and power to find so needed innovations.